• Do dolls have electronic extras like vibrations or rotating tongues?
    Dolls do not have built-in electronic functions like vibrations or rotating tongues, because they do not need such improvements. They work great as dolls imitating a real woman's body. However, if the customer has a wish, he can use them with vibrators and other accessories. Silicone dolls resonate well vibrations.
  • Is it possible to add extra hair to dolls, for example pubic or armpit hair?
    You can order extra hair to a configured doll or configuring a doll that has hair in specific places. However, it should be remembered that paths with hair get rubbed off with time. We do not recommend adding hair, especially under the armpits, because it will rub off quickly there.
  • Can dolls have piercing added?
    Yes. You can add piercing wherever you want. We recommend choosing simple shapes, not bent. Piercing holes will become permanent a few days after piercing.
  • Is it possible to add tattoos to dolls?
    Yes. You can add temporary tattoos. Such tattoos are available on the Internet. The color of the tattoo can fade with time.
  • Are dolls shipped with additional accessories?
    Each doll is sent dressed in underwear or occasional outfits.
  • Can you order separate torso or other body parts?
    Yes. The offer of our store includes torsos, lips and intimate parts of women. Check the “accessories” section on our website.
  • What accessories are available in the store?
    We also offer vibrators and dildos. Check the “accessories” section on our website.
  • Is it possible to change the size of the doll's breasts?
    It is no possible to change parameters of configured dolls. Breasts are an integral part of the doll, they are not attached separately. If the client wishes to configure the size of breasts, he should order making a doll according to his project.
  • Is it possible to remove the pubic hair patch of the doll?
    You can do it, but it will leave a scar on the doll. The pubic hair may become worn out over time, but we do not recommend removing them. If the customer wants a doll without pubic hair, he should choose such model of a doll or order creating a tailor-made doll.
  • Are transsexuals dolls available?
    Yes, we offer transsexual dolls. Go to our store and select the category of “transsexual dolls”
  • Can you brush your doll's hair?
    Yes you can. Wigs can be detached, so you can stylize and clean them. A metal comb for combing is best suited for long hair.
  • Is it possible to order a doll made according to my own design?
    Yes, we offer this option. All you have to do is send us a photo and a description of how the doll should look like. We will make a doll according to your design.
  • Can the doll have different skin tones?
    Yes, we offer six different skin tone dolls that imitate the natural shades of women's skin.
  • Is it possible to buy a doll with tailored-made genitals and nipples?
    Yes, we will do every size and type of genitals and nipples on request. Send us a description or photo via the "create your own doll" tab.
  • Is it possible to order a fantasy doll?
    Yes, there are several options to stylize the doll to make it look like from a fantasy world. You can make a special skin tone, add elven ears, fangs, devilish facial expression, animal eye iris. Describe your desires, submit your application via the "create your own doll" tab and we will price the project.
  • Is it possible to order a doll looking like a celebrity or an ex-girlfriend?
    For legal reasons, we can’t accurately reproduce the appearance of a public figure or other living person. We would need to have an explicit consent of a person. If a person is deceased, then a consent is needed to use his or her image from the lawyer or heir. We can create the most similar face for the person you choose, based on the photographs.
  • How to clean a doll?
    To clean the doll use an antibacterial soap, which will not be based on oils, and a sponge. After using the doll, rinse it with hot water and antibacterial soap, as soon as possible. The face can be removed to make it easier to wash. However, be careful not to wet eyelashes.
  • Can you bath with a doll?
    Yes of course. Silicone, which the dolls are made of, can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. You can take a bath with a doll in the bathtub, in the shower, in the jacuzzi, etc.
  • Can you use cosmetics on a doll?
    Yes of course. You can paint the doll using eyeliner or powdered cosmetics like eye shadows, powders, powder foundations. Unfortunately, liquid cosmetics, like liquid foundations, do not quite go well with silicone material. We do not recommend using them. Eye pencils can be applied, but are easy to wash off. Remove cosmetics from the doll using a make-up remover or lotion. Do not use oils because they are too greasy and can hardly come off the silicone.