Silicone dolls are absolutely on trend. There are thousands of possible combinations of handmade love dolls, VIP dolls and unique items to match your secret wishes.

Silicone Dolls – Available Features

With “Customized Sex Doll” you can Configure silicone dolls yourself (Customize). You can choose from more than 150 sex dolls faces – from Asian, European to black there are all models. You can make further adjustments to our silicone dolls, for example at:

  • body size
  • boobs XS , X, L, XXL
  • ass XS, X, L, XXL
  • body color
  • color hair
  • fingernails varnish
  • Color toenails
  • Eye color
  • Color nipples
  • Pussy pubic persistence 
  • Pubic insistence underarm
  • Vagina: interchangeable small labia, large labia, persistent
  • tattoos

 Use our large selection of silicone dolls and put together your Real Doll .

Silicone dolls – lifelike, emotionally real

In preparation for a love doll are sound and heating systems and artificial intelligence (AI). The manufacturers promise an even more lifelike fuck experience here. Currently, our tests still show weaknesses at the rubber doll with AI and we therefore wait until further development. The delivery time for configured silicone dolls is up to 4 weeks. But waiting for the silicone doll, silicone sex doll is definitely worth it. If you want to buy a silicone doll now, you can choose a silicone doll from the warehouse that is quickly with you, or put together a silicone love doll according to your criteria. Then you have to wait up to 4 weeks. Because lifelike silicone dolls are elaborately produced


Buy silicone dolls cheaply

Are silicone dolls cheap? As with other sextoys men products, you simply have to pay money for quality. Silicon dolls made in Germany are rather rare because the professionals are mainly based in Asia. Silicone dolls are also available here as male silicone doll, male silicone doll, life-size silicone doll and lifelike silicone doll. Yes, the silicone man doll for women is also trendy and the silicone man doll has a good chance of becoming the best toy for women. The standard today is the full silicone doll or silicone real doll. The inflatable rubber doll is rather done for men. Silicon dolls are today in poor quality from € 400 and in good quality from 1.200e. There are tens of thousands of silicone models because different Silicon Lovedolls features can be mixed with almost infinite faces. The production of silicone dolls was made in Japan and the silicone doll Japan with an Asian face is a hit in every store. The life-size silicone doll is also in vogue, with the schoolgirl model being the real Silicon Real Doll.

Silicone dolls – life-sized silicone dolls

In fact, it is a problem in Germany to buy a silicone sex doll under 150cm. If you look to Asia and want to buy a silicone doll there are models between 135 – 150cm standard. Why? Because Asian men are also smaller than Europeans. Europeans are likely to assume pedophile thoughts when buying models below 150cm, because They would increase the pedophiles’ desire to assault real children. It has not yet been researched whether Silicon will inspire child molesters first or help pedophiles to keep their tendency under control

Are silicone dolls cheap?

The silicone love doll simply costs money to manufacture. Because it’s not an inflatable silicone doll and therefore devours a lot of TPE SIlikon material. The scaffolding in the doll also costs money and should last a long time. The silicone rubber doll is used no less than the real woman. More often. So silicone sex dolls have to endure a lot of dislocations and movements. Normal and luxury silicone dolls in the upper price segment have no problem with this. With silicone love dolls, however, it behaves like any other tan object. You can only expect a long shelf life through careful care of the silicon real doll. It’s like driving a car. If you drive off-road all the time and do not maintain the car afterwards, you can throw it away at some point. And then repairs are normal or the replacement of wearing parts. Of course, this also applies to silicone dolls. So buying a silicone woman is also associated with responsibility!

Lifelike silicone dolls for adults

We offer you the option of a love doll to create almost freely according to your wishes. With our large selection of configurable features, there is also a Real Doll , whose body and face you like. You can already determine the size of your new doll here by simply selecting the relevant features. Then you will only be shown real dolls in the size you want. As soon as you have selected a body that you like, you can start to configure your new sex doll. You can determine details such as skin color, fingernails, toenails, pubic hair and the color of the nipples and vagina. You also have the option of having a sound and heating system built into your sex doll. This ensures an even more lifelike experience that can be created with the most modern technologies. If you would like to learn more about our intelligent Real Dolls, please feel free to inform yourself on our website. When you have put together your new Love Doll, you can already order it. We are happy to be able to fulfill the wishes of each individual customer. And for us this means that the customer can decide for himself how his love doll should look. Since every customer is very individual and, of course, this is also the case with his preferences, we want every single customer to get what they want.