Choosing a doll on our site comes with a lot of benefits. Full professionalism throughout the entire ordering process: from preparation to shipping.


Discreet shipping everywhere in the world from Germany


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Hot dolls

Made with careful precision dolls that are created to look like genuine women. Fascinating from head to toe. Real-looking faces and perfectly reproduced beauty of a female body. A wide offer covering various dimensions, races or physical features and attributes. We cover tastes of all men.

from 1200€

Starting Price 2000€

Build your own doll

Starting Price 2000€

You did not find the perfect doll in our store? Create it yourself! Send us a photo and description of your dream doll and we will provide you a tailor-made product.

Certificates confirming the compliance of products with global standards and norms

Our products are made in accordance with global standards and norms applicable for this type of items. We have numerous certificates confirming the compliance of production.